Gwen Wagner

My brother and I were born to multi-generational farmers and ranchers who relocated to Nebraska and South Dakota in the late 1800’s. My Mother was a teacher and my Dad was an “old-time cowboy”. We fished in the Missouri River, stock ponds, and creeks. We hunted pheasants, ducks, geese, deer and coyotes. We were organic before we knew it was “cool”; raising our own chickens and vegetables, milking our cows and making our own butter, cottage cheese and ice cream! We worked hard, played hard, and grew up with a love of family and friends and a sense of community.

My great-uncles homesteaded north of Winnett, MT in the 1920’s and I loved Montana from the first time I saw it. When I was 5 I said “I’m going to live in the mountains someday”. I’ve now been here almost 50 years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.
There are sounds, smells, sights, experiences and people that can only be found in a ranching community and each ranch has its own personality. Land holdings are just like us: some large, some small, some open, some closed, tall mountains or peaceful meadows and valleys, but there is one thing they all have in common – they all have a legacy and a story to tell.

If you are selling your ranch, you have been blessed with a gift and an opportunity for a time. It will now pass to the next caregiver. If you are buying a ranch, you are also blessed with the gift of being able to embrace a lifestyle and the land with which you are entrusted. Dad always told us to leave a place better than we found it but don’t try to make it like the place you left. I hope that is what you experience….whether in ranching or your life. I look forward to meeting you and discussing how I can help you create your legacy.

Rick Eisen

Rick Eisen was born in Illinois but has spent the last 38 years in Montana enjoying the recreational advantages it offers.  With over 29 years on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade as a commodities broker, he has extensive investment experience and uses that experience when investing in real estate.

With over 100 properties purchased and sold for his own portfolio, he understands at times the personal risk taken in particular decisions, but also the rewards when the right choice is made.  He knows what it takes to successfully market a property and takes the time to match the right person with the right opportunity.

With a track record of success and a reputation for confidentiality, integrity and client focused service; Rick will deliver the exceptional results you deserve.

Les Mathson

Born and raised in western North Dakota, Les brings 30+ years of sales experience to Legacy Lands, LLC. He began his sales career with IBM where he learned a solid code of ethics, integrity and professionalism. After extensively traveling for his career, Les and his wife decided to semi-retire and settle in the Paradise Valley/Livingston area.  Les chose to continue to use his sales experience and got his Montana real estate sales person and broker’s license. He has been selling properties in Big Timber, Livingston, Paradise Valley and Bozeman for over ten years.

He enjoys meeting people and is an avid believer in customer service. He works to meet his client’s needs whether that be the perfect home within their budget or selling a home so his client can move on to their next stage of life. Les and his beautiful wife have been married for 47 years, raised 3 children and have 8 grandchildren who love to visit Montana every chance they get. Les is a Vietnam veteran who loves to golf, float the Yellowstone River, fly fish, hunt and enjoy all the outdoor recreational activities the area has to offer.

Buyer Representation

Buying a ranch, recreational property or home in Montana is more than a real estate transaction.  It is a major financial investment, but often it is the manifestation of your vision and dream. At Legacy Lands we understand the importance of not only the investment and financial aspects of a real estate transaction, but the role the land plays in the perfect match between you and your property selection. Every piece of land has its own history; its own story. What makes us unique at Legacy Lands is our ability to match land and buyer in a harmonious and rewarding relationship.

We are able to match your needs and desires to the perfect property. Having grown up on ranches and having experience with recreational property stewardship, we can ensure that the needs of your property meet that of your desired lifestyle and resources.

Services offered:
Value-based financial analysis
Highest and best use analysis
Comparative property analysis and advice
Identification of assets and possible problem areas
Neighborhood information including growth projections
Property to needs analysis
Purchase process facilitation and management
Market monitoring
Use of our experience and expertise to aid your team of advisors thru due diligence process and closing
Ranch and land management consulting and oversight

Seller Representation

Selling your ranch or home is one of the most important financial transactions you will undertake. The team at Legacy Lands understands. We offer the highest level of personalized service in the industry to ensure your net worth protection and the smooth transition into the next phase of your life.

Everyone on the Legacy Lands team understands that the sale of your property is a unique and personal experience and needs to be handled as just that. We will work with you one-on-one to ensure that each of your personal and financial goals are met. We bring a unique blend of financial and real estate expertise combined with an understanding of the realities of a working ranch.

We will assist you in:
Performing comparative property analysis and proper pricing for the market
Identifying the highest and best use of your property for proper market positioning
Protecting your net worth
Allowing for assets to be allocated to heirs and family members
Finding a replacement property or home

International Clients

We understand land investment by international clients has special nuances that must be addressed such as regulations, timing and currency exchange considerations. We have formed a team that specializes in dealing with international clients purchasing and selling land in Montana. We understand that good currency exchange transactions, along with other elements, can be key to your profitable investment in another country. We help to manage and monitor these elements throughout the real estate transaction process and work with your personal advisors in maximizing your return and minimizing risk associated with a foreign land purchase.

Our team can also assist you in management and proper stewardship of your property during your term of ownership. Our long term relationship with local and national experts in all areas of ranch and land management ensures that we provide the top level of quality care that you and your property deserve.

Montana is a state well known for its spectacular beauty ranging from towering mountains to rolling prairies, clear lakes to roaring rivers, and magnificent wildlife that can be seen right in our backyards. It is also no secret that Montana offers world-class, skiing, hiking, and camping opportunities amid its stunning natural beauty that has inspired both artists and filmmakers, and attracted visitors for years.

In our modern time, an aspect of Montana that is often overlooked is the legacy of grit and determination historically found in the inhabitants of this aptly nicknamed “last best place.” Among the values that have shaped the Legacy of Montana is a deep respect for the ranching community, which is the backbone of Montana’s legacy and plays a vital role in our state’s history and way of life. The agricultural sector generates billions of dollars in revenue each year and provides employment to tens of thousands of residents. Many of Montana’s ranching families have been here for multiple generations and we hope they are here for many more to come. Hand in hand with ranching is a reverence for private property rights. The Montana Constitution explicitly recognizes the right to acquire, possess, and protect property as a fundamental right, and courts in the state have consistently upheld this right. The emphasis on private property rights contributes to the individualism and self-reliance of Montanans as people here are encouraged to take ownership of their land and their lives.

In addition, the legacy of hunting and fishing is also deeply ingrained in the state’s culture and history. Indigenous peoples relied on hunting and fishing as a means of survival, and after western settlement hunting and fishing remained important for sustenance and commerce. Today, millions of acres of public land serve as a place where sportsmen and women can recreate responsibly to carry on Montana’s hunting and fishing tradition.

Lastly, strength of community can still be found throughout Montana’s small towns. The cohesion that occurs when families have known each other for generations, depending on each other for social bonds and economic success, is hard to replicate in larger urban areas. Through floods, fires, or family emergencies you will find that people here come together wholeheartedly and do whatever is necessary to look out for their neighbor.

We at Legacy Lands strive to preserve the legacy of Montana. We enjoy working with clients who desire to do their part to preserve the traditional practices that have made Montana a destination state.